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The Great Game, 1856–1907

'The Great Game, 1856–1907' cover image

The Great Game, 1856–1907

Russo-British Relations in Central and East Asia

The Great Game sheds new light on Asia’s political influence on Russia at the turn of the twentieth century.

Winner of the CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title of the Choice ACRL

The Great Game, 1856–1907 presents a new view of the British-Russian competition for dominance in Central Asia in the second half of the nineteenth century. Evgeny Sergeev offers a complex and novel point of view by synthesizing official collections of documents, parliamentary papers, political pamphlets, memoirs, contemporary journalism, and guidebooks from unpublished and less studied primary sources in Russian, British, Indian, Georgian, Uzbek, and Turkmen archives. His efforts amplify our knowledge of Russia by considering the important influences of local Asian powers.

Ultimately, this book disputes the characterization of the Great Game as a proto–Cold War between East and West. By relating it to other regional actors, Sergeev creates a more accurate view of the game’s impact on later wars and on the shape of post–World War I Asia.