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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
List of Tables
Part I: Beginnings
1. Winter, 1664–1665
2. The Other London
3. Signs and Sources
Part II: Confusion
4. Fleeing or Staying?
5. The Medical Marketplace
6. Plague's Progress
Part III: The Abyss
7. The Doctors Stumble
8. Business Not as Usual
9. Requiem for London
10. Contagion in the Countryside
Part IV: Surviving
11. The Web of Authority
12. Not By Bread Alone
13. The Awakening
Epilogue: Once and Future Plagues
Appendix A: Bills of Mortality for Greater London
Appendix B: Parish Records of Saint Margaret Westminster
Appendix C: Parish Records of Saint Giles Cripplegate
Appendix D: The Three Plague Pandemics