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Table Of Contents

Introduction. Where You Look Determines What You See
Part One. Looking Backward
Chapter One. The Industrial Revolution and the Transformation of America
Chapter Two. Criticism, Denial, and Innovation
Chapter Three. New Models and Diffusion
Chapter Four. Standardization, Consolidation, and Scaling
Chapter Five. Transformation
Part Two. Looking Forward
Chapter Six. A Demographic Sea Change
Chapter Seven. An Emerging Knowledge Economy
Chapter Eight. A Technological Revolution
Chapter Nine. Adaptation
Part Three. Looking Sideways
Chapter Ten. The Music Industry
Chapter Eleven. The Film Industry
Chapter Twelve. The Newspaper Industry
Chapter Thirteen. Disruption
Part Four. Looking at the Panorama
Chapter Fourteen. What Will Change?
Chapter Fifteen. How and When Will Change Occur?
Chapter Sixteen. What Should Higher Education and Policy Makers Do?

The Great Upheaval
Higher Education's Past, Present, and Uncertain Future
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