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"Dr. Hellerstein's achievement is remarkable: he gives patients and their loved ones a clear and concise road map of the best that modern psychiatry has to offer, weaving the latest brain science with clinical wisdom. Not everyone will be lucky enough to have Dr. Hellerstein as their psychiatrist. The good news is that they can buy his book."

"By translating complex science, Dr. Hellerstein bridges the perilous gap between research and clinical treatment. He has written an informative and compassionate book."

"Heal Your Brain is a lucid and practical guide to the brain and how it can go awry. The different but complementary perspectives of psychiatrist and researcher are presented in an engaging way by Dr. Hellerstein, who is both; this breadth of understanding serves the reader well."

"Engaging and understandable."

"Columbia University Psychiatrict David J. Hellerstein's fascinating book, Heal Your Brain: How the New Neuropsychiatry Can Help You Go from Better to Well, articulates and helps create a new watershed moment in psychiatric worldview."