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"For the past two centuries, New York City has been both the source of many of the world’s most challenging urban public health problems and the cradle of its most innovative health solutions. In this timely, well-written, and engaging book, Bruce F. Berg focuses on the role of political and governance systems, giving Healing Gotham a perspective distinct from other accounts. Few scholars have offered in-depth investigations of the lessons learned from the city’s experiences in public health, and fewer still have considered multiple health issues."

"Berg systematically dissects the social, economic, and political forces shaping the policy responses of a leading public health department to five critical challenges—lead poisoning, asthma, AIDS, obesity, and West Nile virus. Both the policy specialist and more general reader will find this book absorbing and insightful."

"Berg's extensive research, keen analysis, and clear exposition, as well as his unique perspective as a political scientist, make this an invaluable resource for any policymaker, politician, health-care provider, or concerned citizen."

"Berg's book is important and useful—it shows what can be achieved in a complex, modern democracy, often against the odds."

"Covers a wide range of important political perspectives—from neoliberal to libertarian—that influence public health policy... An enjoyable read, this volume will be valuable to those interested in public health, bioethics, and the role of government in health care."

Healing Gotham
New York City’s Public Health Policies for the Twenty-First Century
Publication Date: 1 Mar 2015
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 312 pages
ISBN: 9781421415994