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"This book provides an intriguing recount of health care reform's storied and often tumultuous past."

"Required reading for those interested in the life and death of health policy initiatives... Valuable primer on health policy."

"Will surely resonate in the thoughts of policymakers... and anyone interested in a fairer and healthier society."

"Derickson has rendered these ideas concerning access intelligible and the disputes over them comprehensible."

"Derickson's book is undoubtedly an important contribution that deserves a wide readership."

"Anyone who wonders whether there is anything new that can be said about the issue must read Alan Derickson's marvelous book."

"This is a book that asks the right questions and contains more than its share of provocative answers."

"A fascinating intellectual and political history of reform ideologies and debates."

"A fascinating intellectual and political history of reform ideologies and debates."

"Beautifully readable, scholarly, and brief (for its coverage)."

"A valuable addition... The unique feature of the book is its focus on the goal of universalism, rather than the more narrow politics of national health insurance... grounded in discourses of needs, efficiency, and rights."

"An important contribution to our understanding of American health policy. It will reach a wide audience in history, public health, and political science."

"Derickson's scholarship is persuasive and refreshing. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students would highly benefit from this work, as would researchers and scholars in health policy, health services research, and public health."