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"Helping Others with Depression is a powerful tool that we will use on a regular basis to help facilitators, families, and friends reach our mission of providing hope, help, support, and education to those living with mood disorders. The perfect companion to another favorite by Dr. Noonan: Take Control of Your Depression."

"A comprehensive and highly readable guide by a physician who has suffered and overcome her own depressive illness. A 'must have' book for anyone impacted by these common disorders whether in their family, friends, or themselves."

"Depression is often a lonely and frustrating journey for those who suffer; so too for those trying to help. Written beautifully with empathy, accurate information, and invaluable strategies, Helping Others with Depression provides an ideal roadmap for supporting a friend or family member during a challenging time."

"Dr. Noonan has done it again with another eminently practical guide to managing serious depression, this time focusing on the role of family and friends. A comprehensive overview of signs and symptoms is followed by specific, detailed recommendations that family members can put into action to help their depressed loved one. This is a must-have book for any family dealing with serious depression and I can't recommend it highly enough. Bravo!"