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Table Of Contents

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Foreword, by Maurizio Fava, MD, and Timothy J. Petersen, PhD
Chapter 1. What Are Mood Disorders?
Chapter 2. Signs of Depression to Look For: Making the Diagnosis
Chapter 3. Healthy Ways to Handle Mood Disorders
Chapter 4. Finding Professional Help
Chapter 5. Paying for Mental Health Treatment
Chapter 6. Challenges in Caring for Someone Who Has a Mood Disorder
Chapter 7. Support and Communication Strategies
Chapter 8. Helpful Approaches
Chapter 9. What You Can Do Now
Chapter 10. When Someone Is Suicidal
Chapter 11. Mood Disorders and Addictions
Chapter 12. For the Parents of a Teen or Young Adult and the Teens with an Affected Parent
Chapter 13. Technology in Mental Health
Chapter 14. Depression in Seniors
Chapter 15. What Recovery Looks Like
Chapter 16. Anticipating Recovery: Skills to Have in Place
Chapter 17. Caring forthe Caregivers
Chapter 18. Dos and Don'ts and Suggested Language
Appendix A. Medications
Appendix B. Psychiatric Advance Directive