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Series Editor's Foreword
1. "To the advantage of herself & the honorable support of her Family": Women and the Urban Credit Economy
2. "She Hath Often Requested the Sum": Credit Relations Outside of Court
3. "And Thereon She Sues": Debt Litigation, Lawyers, and Legal Practices
4. "I saw and heard": The Knowledge and Power of Witnesses
5. "Laboring under many difficulties and hardships": The Problem of Debt and Vocabularies of Grievance
6. "According to your judgments": Redefining Financial Work in the Late Eighteenth Century
Appendix: Sources and Sampling for the Quantitative Analysis of Debt Cases
Essay on Sources

To Her Credit
Women, Finance, and the Law in Eighteenth-Century New England Cities
Publication Date: 20 Apr 2021
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ISBN: 9781421440552