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"While the book elaborates on Maryland's role in the beginning and end of the Jim Crow era, the most compelling aspect of the book is the stories Smith gleaned from dozens of interviews with Marylanders, black and white, who lived with segregation and fought to end its practices."

"Hand it to your students... and make sure their parents read it, too. It's a road map of America's long political struggle from slavery to a black man running for president."

"It's a darned good book by a darned good writer. Those of you who love fine writing and history can't afford to pass on Here Lies Jim Crow."

"In this case, you can judge a book by its cover... it sets the tone for Smith's spirited discussion of Jim Crow laws and the efforts of Marylanders to resist and overturn them."

"By its very nature a moving but difficult and painful read. Painful or not, it is a book that helps one see present-day Maryland with a greater depth of understanding, and is certainly worth whatever discomfort it creates."

"Tells the story of the long life and hard death of racial segregation in the Free State."

"This engaging narrative highlights important episodes in Maryland's history not likely widely known and appreciated and provides insight into key moments and personalities in the history of civil rights in the state."

"I just finished your book Here Lies Jim Crow. It should be a high school text book. Congratulations on telling a very important story and doing it so well."