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Table Of Contents

Prologue: Laboring Sons: Jim Crow on a Bulldozer
1. Taney and Douglass
Freddy Bailey in Baltimore: "Almost a Free Citizen"
"Mere Property": Taney and Douglass on the National Stage
A Southern Gentleman's Manifesto: Taney's Infamous Decision
Taney's Legacy: Words That Don't Die
2. Suing Jim Crow
"Blood at the Roots": The Mob Helps Raise a Movement
A New Vision: Economic Leverage
Eugene O'Dunne: Court of Justice
Lillie May and Ted: God Opened Their Mouths
3. Different Drummers
Healing Arts: Blue Babies, Black Genius
Ester McCready: A Lover of Solitude
Walkers and Thinkers: Opinion Leaders
Malcontents: Inside Agitators
Final Sale: Hats, Tennis, and White Coffee Pots
George Russell: The Endurance of Jim Crow
4. Roadblocks and Resistance
All Nations Day: The Civil Rights Merry-Go-Round
Gloria Richardson: Flash Point
Goon Squad: The Word on the Street
5. Seats at the Table
Backlash: A Martyed King and the Making of a Vice President
The Ballot: Sit-in Salads and Lawn Signs
Exquisite Balance: Taney and Marshall in Annapolis
Dean Schmoke: Renewing Houston's Challenge
Appendix: Author Interviews