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AcknowledgementsThe Flight of the Patrician Wastrel and His Second Son: 1830
Herman Melvill's World, 1819–1830: Manhattan, Albany, Boston
"The Terrors of Death": Albany, 1831–1832
The "Cholera Year":1832–1833
In the Shadow of the Young Furrier: Herman as Clerk, 1833–1835
Clerk, Farmer, Teacher, Polemicist: 1836–May 1838
Herman in Lansingburgh: Full-grown and Useless, May 1838–May 1839
Sailor and Schoolteacher: 1839–1840
West to Seek His Fortune: 1840
The First Year of Whaling: 1841
Whaler and Runaway: 1842
Beachcomber and Whaler: 1842–1843
Lahaina and Honolulu: 1843
Ordinary Seaman on the United States: 1843–1844
Home but Not Home: October 1844
The Sailor, the Orator, and the Grand Contested Election: 1844
The Sailor at the Writing Desk: 1844–1845
A Manuscript but No Publisher: 1845
A Modern Crusoe: 1846
International Author and the Man of the Family: 1846
The Resurrection of Toby: 1846
Winning Elizabeth Shaw and Winning the Harpers: 1846
Office-Seeker and Reviewer: 1847
Triumphant Author, Triumphant Lover: 1847
Scandal and Marriage: 1847
Newlyweds in New York City: 1847
Mardi as Island-Hopping Symposium:1847–1848
Dollars Be Damned: "The Red Year Forty-Eight"
Malcolm and the Face of Mardi: 1849
Redburn and White-Jacket: Summer 1849
London and a Peek at Continental Life: Fall 1849
The Breaching of Mocha Dick: January 1850
Hiding Out on the Cannibal Island: February–June 1850
Pittsfield and Hawthorne: June–7 August 1850
Hawthorne and His Mosses: 8 August–September 1850
Writing at Arrowhead: October 1850–Mid-January 1851
Damned By Dollars: Mid-January–1 May 1851
The Final Dash at The Whale: May–September 1851
Melville in Triumph: The Whale and the Kraken, September–November 1851Genealogical Charts

Herman Melville
A Biography
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