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"Within the past six years, Israel has fought one war with Hezbollah, the Party of God, and two wars with Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement. What are their roots, histories, ideologies, and tactics? Joshua L. Gleis and Benedetta Berti skillfully explore these issues in a fine primer."

"Solid analyses of these two Islamist national resistance movements, both of which—notably Hezbollah—demonstrate a kind of strength that is lacking in more secular organizations and constitutes a new kind of challenge to Israel."

"As Joshua L. Gleis and Benedetta Berti argue in Hezbollah and Hamas: A Comparative Study, a first-rate account of their respective development, Hezbollah and Hamas have evolved into important players in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and will continue to play this role in the future."

"Valuable as an introduction to the background and structure of these organizations."

"While Hamas and Hizbullah have vastly different origins, they share a common adversary: Israel. As the groups become increasingly relevant to US national security, the authors provide a thorough overview of their histories, ideologies, tactics and futures—combining scholarship and primary sources in their analysis."

"An essential read for policymakers to help them understand not only how these organizations are structured but also how they operate and the ideas that animate them."