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"This book is a marvelous description of a popular, innovative new force for advanced education in the United States. Whom it educates and how it educates should be of keen interest to everyone who cares about the intellectual quality of America's human resources."

"Ruch combines an insider's view of both for-profit and nonprofit institutions with a broad conceptual perspective. Higher Ed, Inc. should appeal not just to scholars but to everyone interested in the debate about for-profit higher education."

"A balanced description of how and why [for-profit colleges and universities] continue to attract growing enrollments, and his text will be useful for anyone who wants to understand this significant trend... The chapters about for-profit finance and academic culture are particularly insightful. Highly recommended."

"Higher Ed., Inc: The Rise of the For-Profit University offers a window into, as well as a defense of, this brave new pedagogical world."

Higher Ed, Inc.
The Rise of the For-Profit University
Publication Date: 2003
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 200 pages
Illustrations: 6 line drawings
ISBN: 9780801874475