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One of the most influential social scientists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Thorstein Veblen (1857–1929) wrote numerous books, including The Theory of the Leisure Class: An Economic Study in the Evolution of Institutions and The Instinct of Workmanship: And the State of the Industrial Arts. Richard F. Teichgraeber III is a professor of history at Tulane University. He is the author of Building Culture: Studies in the Intellectual History of Industrializing America, 18671910 and Sublime Thoughts/Penny Wisdom: Situating Emerson and Thoreau in the American Market.

The Higher Learning in America: The Annotated Edition
A Memorandum on the Conduct of Universities by Business Men
Publication Date: 1 Jun 2015
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 264 pages
Illustrations: 6 halftones
ISBN: 9781421416786