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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Historians and Higher Education
1. Colleges in the Colonial Era
2. Creating the "American Way" in Higher Education: College-Building, 1785 to 1860
3. Diversity and Adversity: Resilience in American Higher Education, 1860 to 1890
4. Captains of Industry and Erudition: University-Builders, 1880 to 1910
5. Alma Mater: America Goes to College, 1890 to 1920
6. Success and Excess: Expansion and Reforms in Higher Education, 1920 to 1945
7. Gilt by Association: Higher Education's "Golden Age," 1945 to 1970
8. Coming of Age in America: Higher Education as a Troubled Giant, 1970 to 2000
9. A New Life Begins? Reconfiguring American Higher Education in the Twenty-first Century
10. Prominence and Problems: American Higher Education since 2010
Essay on Sources