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"The historical and technical evolution of the barometer during the three centuries since its invention is systematically and thoroughly documented... The author has furnished extremely valuable new data about many of the instrument makers... The more significant of the surviving barometric instruments are listed and described in a 20-page appendix, an extremely useful addition to a most impressive and valuable reference work for the historian of science and of technology alike. The book is clearly written and beautifully presented. It is thoroughly indexed and well illustrated throughout."

"This is an excellent book and an important one. It is recommended generally; in science collections it will become a standard work."

"This unique treatise is indeed a milestone in meteorological literature and a model to be emulated by other specialists."

"Dr. Knowles Middleton begins with the fascinating prehistory of this familiar instrument and gives in detail what is the best account of the seventeenth—century discoveries of vacuum and air pressure so far available in English. This well-written and well-produced book is of absorbing interest and takes its place as the standard work on its subject."

"This is a book which should be found in any library covering either meteorology or general scientific instrumentation."

"The text is well documented from primary sources, and many of the illustrations are reproductions of original diagrams. The book is both instructive and delightful to read."