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Table Of Contents


Preface to the English-Language Edition
Preface to the Original Edition
Introduction: The Birth of Modernity

1 The Sure Path of Science
Progress in Logic
From Logic to Phenomenology
From Logic to Politics
Wittgenstein's Dissidence

2 Philosophies of the End
The End of Europe
The End of Oppression
The End of Metaphysics
After the End

3 Conceiving Auschwitz
Paths of Exile
Heidegger's Choice
Preliminary Inquiries
Investigation of the Case

4 In the Cold War
Partisans of Liberalism
Defender of Liberty
In Search of a Third Way
Avatars of Marxism

5 Reason in Question
Structure versus Subject
A History of Truth
From Deconstruction to Neopragmatism
Communication or Investigation?

Epilogue: The Unfinished Cathedral
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A History of Philosophy in the Twentieth Century
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