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Table Of Contents

Foreword by Pascal James Imperato, MD, MPH&TM
Public Health, Past and Present: A Shared Social Vision by Elizabeth Fee
George Rosen, Public Health, and History by Edward T. Morman
Preface to the 1958 Edition
1. The Origins of Public Health
2. Health and the Community in the Greco-Roman World
3. Public Health in the Middle Ages (500–1500 A.D.)
4. Mercantilism, Absolutism, and the Health of the People (1500–1750)
5. Health in a Period of Enlightenment and Revolution (1750–1830)
6. Industrialism and the Sanitary Movement (1830–1875)
7. The Bacteriological Era and Its Aftermath (1875–1950)
8. The Bacteriological Era and Its Aftermath (Concluded)
Access to Primary Sources in the History of Public Health
Classified Bibliography of Secondary Sources
Subject Index
Name Index