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Table Of Contents

Part I: Tradition: A Repressed Question
Chapter 1: Suicide in the Middle Ages: Nuances
Chapter 2: The Legacy of the Middle Ages: Between Madness and Despair
Chapter 3: The Classical Heritage: Perfecting the Timely Exit
Part II: The Renaissance: A Question Raised, Then Stifled
Chapter 4: The Early Renaissance: Rediscovery of the Enigma of Suicide
Chapter 5: To Be or Not To Be: The First Crisis of Conscience in Europe
Chapter 6: The Seventeenth Century: Reaction and Repression
Chapter 7: Substitutes for Suicide in the Seventeenth Century
Part III: The Enlightenment: Suicide Updated and Guilt-Free
Chapter 8: The Birth of the English Malady, 1680-1720
Chapter 9: The Debate on Suicide in the Enlightenment: From Morality to Medicine
Chapter 10: The Elite: From Philosophical Suicide to Romantic Suicide
Chapter 11: The Common People: The Persistence of Ordinary Suicide
Epilogue: From the French Revolution to the Twentieth Century, or, From Free Debate to Silence