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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Solving Problems Using the Home Care Guide for Cancer
Chapter 2. Succeeding at Caregiving
Chapter 3. Fever and Infections
Chapter 4. Tiredness and Fatigue
Chapter 5. Problems with Appetite
Chapter 6. Problems with the Mouth
Chapter 7. Nausea and Vomiting
Chapter 8. Diarrhea
Chapter 9. Constipation
Chapter 10. Cancer Pain
Chapter 11. Problems with Veins
Chapter 12. Problems with Bleeding
Chapter 13. Skin Problems
Chapter 14. Hair Loss
Chapter 15. Sexual Problems
Chapter 16. Maintaining Positive Experiences
Chapter 17. Getting Companionship and Support from Family and Friends
Chapter 18. Problems with Getting Information From Medical Staff
Chapter 19. Getting Help from Community Agencies and Volunteer Groups
Chapter 20. Moving Around the House
Chapter 21. Coordinating Care From One Treatment Setting to Another
Chapter 22. Coping With Anxiety
Chapter 23. Coping With Depression