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Contents:Preface and Acknowledgments1. Introduction
American savanna
Names and dates
Hoofed mammals
Uinta beasts and the Cope-Marsh wars
The lost world2. Cloven hooves
The kingdom of cloven hooves
Gut reactions
"Bunny deer"
Phosphate and fossils
Sui generis
"Nebraska man" and javelinas
The "river horse"3. Tylopods
Camels without humps
Ships of the desert
"Mountain tooth"4. Where the deer and the antelope play
Graveyard of the Amazons
Horns and antlers
"Mouse deer"
The "forest donkey"
The camelopard
Deer perfume
All-American—but not an antelope
Deer to us all
Abbé David and his deer5. Hollow horns
A world of bovids
Auroachs and wisent
Where the buffalo roam
Cattle call
Diving bucks
"Bright eyes"
Mountain monarchs6. A whale's tale
Dr. Koch's "sea serpent"
Walking whales?
Andrew's giant "bear"
The pedigree of Leviathan
Life of Leviathan
"So long, and thanks for all the fish"
Moby Dick, Flipper, and their kin
Filter-feeding monsters
Save the whales!7. Out of Africa
The tethytheres
The "feeble folk"8. The origin on Jumbo
Giants in the earth
Early tuskers
The "Great Missourium"
Shovel-tuskers and gomphotheres
Elephant grinders
Wooly wanderers
The mystery of the missing mammoths9. Kingdom of ivory
Behold the behemoth
Behemoth biology
The sisterhood
God and slave
Blood and ivory10. A horse of a different color (and shape)
The origin of perissodactyls
The "hyrax beast"
Cuvier's "ancient beast"
Halfway horses
Browsing anchitheres
Grazing horses
The hipparion controversy11. Equus
One-toed horses
Stripes do not a zebra make
Wild asses
Wild and domesticated horses12. Thunder beasts
The legend of the Thunder Beasts
Bone rush
Osborn, Asia, and orthogenesis
The biology of brontotheres13. Proboscises and claws
Dragon's teeth
Hall of the mountain cow
Chalicotheres don't obey Cuvier's Law
Just what are chalicotheres?
Moropomorphs14. Rhinoceroses without horns
"Ancient Dacians" and Siberian mummies
American rhinos
The amphibious amynodonts
Running rhinos and rhino giants
True rhinoceroses
Miocene invasions
Rhinoceros Pompeii
Hairy rhinos and giant "unicorns"15. Thundering to extinction
Unicorn, monoceros, and rhinoceros
Black and white
One-horned rhinos
Horns of doom

Horns, Tusks, and Flippers
The Evolution of Hoofed Mammals
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