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"A substantial and timely contribution. What Flannery is attempting to define and give voice to may be lifesaving for some institutions."

"This book is deeply authentic, honest, and at times courageous in making its case for attention and investment in marketing for higher education. Flannery offers a balanced blend of broad overview and specific detail across several elements, practices, challenges, and innovations in integrated marketing. Some readers may find the book therapeutic in its real, highly relatable, and strikingly accurate look at the attitudes, obstacles, and opportunities that underpin marketing in higher education."

"Teresa Flannery has produced a gem of a book for campus marketing officers, college presidents and deans, and even faculty members who view marketing with skepticism. In jargon-free prose, Flannery explains the precepts and rationale for many marketing practices and draws on her own successful experience at both public and private institutions. The book's practical, down-to-earth focus, replete with examples, will galvanize every reader's thinking about effective promotion of the campus."

"How to Market a University is a blueprint for higher education marketing strategy, which, as Flannery states clearly, should be unified with institutional strategy. She persuasively explains why institutions that have yet to expand their traditional public-information–style communications offices will lag behind those that have embraced integrated marketing, anchored in research for authenticity."

"Very important and very timely. As Flannery points out so adeptly, marketing in higher education has finally come of age, and this maturity could not have happened at a more consequential moment. A must-read for all university leaders and anyone responsible for marketing or communications."

"Flannery reminds us all that effective branding and marketing takes discipline, resourcefulness, measurement, and above all, leadership. Institutions across the country will find a timely and accessible roadmap to help them rediscover both what makes them relevant in the post-pandemic era and how they can translate that relevance into authentic differentiation and success. A must-read for senior leaders in higher education."

"As colleges and universities worldwide ask existential questions about their futures, How to Market a University provides a compelling argument for the strategic value and impact of effective marketing. Flannery clearly articulates the central role of marketing in ensuring institutions understand their strengths and harness their resources toward achieving their goals. An insightful tool for institutional leaders looking to support this core asset."

"A gem and a must-read for any leader who wishes to elevate the brand expression of their university. Written by one of the nation's leading higher education marketing experts, this wonderful resource is filled with research, best practices, and practical tips that will be useful to the marketing novice and seasoned professional alike."