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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: Thinking about Adaptation and NATO
Chapter 2: Historical Institutionalism and the Framework of "Critical Junctures"
Chapter 3: Institutional Actors and the Mechanisms of NATO Adaptation

Part II: Case Studies of NATO Adaptation
Chapter 4: The West German Question in the Early Cold War, 1950-1955
Chapter 5: Flexible Response and the Future Tasks of the Alliance, 1962-1967
Chapter 6: NATO and the New World Order, 1992-1997

Part III: NATO Endurance and Implications for the Future
Chapter 7: NATO Adaptation into the 21st Century, 1999-2012
Chapter 8: How NATO Adapts


How NATO Adapts
Strategy and Organization in the Atlantic Alliance since 1950
Publication Date: 1 Feb 2017
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ISBN: 9781421421988