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Table Of Contents

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Part I: Overview of Fundamental Concepts
1. Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management
2. Governance of Wildlife Resources
3. Stakeholders as Beneficiaries of Wildlife Management
Part II: Social Science Considerations
4. Social Psychological Considerations in Wildlife Management
5. Sociological Considerations in Wildlife Management
6. Economic Considerations in Wildlife Management
Part III: The Management Process
7. Wildlife Management as a Process within a System
8. Decision Making in Wildlife Management
Part IV: Human Dimensions Methods and Skills
9. Planning a Human Dimensions Inquiry
10. Methods of Human Dimensions Inquiry
11. Stakeholder Engagement in Wildlife Management
12. Communication for Effective Wildlife Management
Part V: Human Dimensions Applications
13. Human Dimensions of Abundant Wildlife Management
14. Human Dimensions of Scarce Wildlife Management
15. Human Dimensions of Wildlife Use Management
Part VI: Professional Considerations for the Future
16. Environmental Ethics for Wildlife Management
17. Continuing Your Education in Human Dimensions
18. Adaptive Value of Human Dimensions for Wildlife Management
Appendix: Scientific Names

Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management
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