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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Hunting, Fishing, and Freedom
1. "You Can't Starve a Negro": Hunting and Fishing and African Americans' Subsistence in the Post-Emancipation South
2. "The Pot-Hunting Son of Ham": White Sportsmen's Objections to African Americans' Hunting and Fishing
3. "The Art of Serving Is with Them Innate": African Americans and the Work of Southern Hunting and Fishing
4. "With the Due Subordination of Master and Servant Preserved": Race and Sporting Tourism in the Post-Emancipation South
5. "When He Should Be between the Plow Handles": Sportsmen, Landowners, Legislators, and the Assault on African Americans' Hunting and Fishing
Conclusion: Contradiction and Continuity in the Southern Sporting Field
Essay on Sources