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"It becomes clear as one reads this book that both authors have not simply viewed Hutterite colonies but have immersed themselves in Hutterite life, visiting many different colonies and doing so repeatedly. That lengthy study has opened a wealth of personal sources that would not be available to most other scholars. This book will be the new standard on Hutterites."

"A comprehensive and appealing description of Hutterites that should become a definitive work and read by those looking for an interesting book in the field of American religion."

"An excellent resource for understanding the contemporary culture of an Anabaptist congregation few North Americans know."

"This book is an essential synthesis of Hutterite history and culture."

"The book provides a very readable brief description of just about every aspect of Hutterite life."

"A balanced and personalized account."

"The authors make significant contributions to Anabaptist studies... a welcome text to the field."

"The Hutterites in North America is an excellent place to being understanding the role of religion in this long-standing Christian commune."

"This will now be the text to read for all who wish to understand the current shape of Hutterite."

"Rod Janzen and Max Stanton's The Hutterites in North America is so well researched and carefully written that it supersedes John A. Hostetler's 1974 classic treatise, Hutterite Society... Janzen and Stanton have succeeded in producing a monograph representative of all four Hutterian groups, within the context of the larger Anabaptist tradition and the experience of North American communal groups generally."

"Rod Janzen and Max Stanton's"