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Table Of Contents

Note on Spelling
1. Encountering Iliazd: The Biographical Project
2. 1894–1916: Childhood and Formative Years
3. 1916–1920: Futurist Poetics
4. 1920–1921: Transition: Tbilisi, Constantinople, Paris
5. 1921–1926: Paris
6. 1927-1946: Family, Fabric, and Fiction
7. 1947-1950: Lettrist Provocations and Poetry of Unknown Words (Poésie de Mots Inconnus)
8. 1951-1975: The Editions: Collaborations and Projects
9. 1971–1972: A Life in Reverse
10. A Place in History
Postscript: Recovering the Project
Appendix. A Note on Recent Scholarship about Iliazd