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Table Of Contents

Part One
1. Defense and Danger
2. Tracing an Immune Response
3. The Laws of Immunology
4. Growing Up and Learning Immunology
Part Two
5. Vaccines and Serum Therapy
6. How Is Specificity Achieved?
7. Immunology's "Eureka"
8. How Does Each Lymphocyte Develop a Distinct Receptor?
9. B Cells and T Cells Recognize Different Types of Antigens
10. My Foray into the Specificity Problem
11. Genes and Immune Responses
12. The Laboratory of Immunology and the T-Cell Receptor
Part Three
13. What Is Tolerance?
14. How Does Tolerance Develop?
15. Regulatory T Cells and the Prevention of Autoimmunity
Part Four
16. Different Structures, Different Functions
17. Specific Types of Infections, Specific Types of T-Cell Responses
18. Our Discovery of IL-4 and the Cells That Make It
19. CD8 T Cells
20. Dendritic Cells
Part Five
21. An "Ancient" Immune Response Controls" Modern" Immunity
22. The Microbiome and Innate Immunity
23. Evolution of the Immune System and Innate Lymphoid Cells
Part Six
24. The HIV Epidemic and the Office of AIDS Research
25. How the Immune System Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus
26. Allergy and Asthma
27. Interleukin-4 and Allergy
28. Can the Immune System Control Cancer?
29. New Parts for Old
30. Julien