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Introduction by Sandra R. Joshel, Margaret Malamud, and Maria Wyke
Chapter 1: "Oppositions, Anxieties, and Ambiguities in the Toga Movie" by William Fitzgerald
Chapter 2: "The Roman Empire in American Cinema after 1945" by Martin Winkler
Chapter 3: "Seeing Red: Spartacus as Domestic Economist" by Alison Futrell
Chapter 4: "I, Claudius: Projection and Imperial Soap Opera" by Sandra R. Joshel
Chapter 5: "'Infamy! Infamy! They've All Got It in for Me!': Carry on Cleo and the British Camp Comedies of Ancient Rome" by Nicholas Cull
Chapter 6: "Brooklyn on the Tiber: Roman Comedy on Broadway and in Film" by Margaret Malamud
Chapter 7: "Serial Romans" by Martha Malamud
Chapter 8: "Shared Sexualities: Roman Soldiers, Derek Jarman's Sebastiane, and British Homosexuality" by Maria Wyke
Chapter 9: "Living Like Romans in Las Vegas: The Roman World at Caesar's Palace" by Margaret Malamud and Donald T. McGuire, Jr.

Imperial Projections
Ancient Rome in Modern Popular Culture
Publication Date: 13 Sep 2005
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Page Count: 312 pages
Illustrations: 28 halftones
ISBN: 9780801882685