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Chronological List of Relevant Muslim and Christian Scholars Who Wrote on Contagion in the Premodern Period
Introduction: Contagion and Causality in the Study of Premodern Muslim and Christian Societies
1. Contagion in the Commentaries on Prophetic Tradition
2. Contagion as Metaphor in Iberian Christian Scholarship
3. Contagion Contested: Greek Medical Thought, Prophetic Medicine, and the First Plague Treatises
4. Situating Scholastic Contagion between Miasmaand the Evil Eye
5. Contagion between Islamic Law and Theology
6. Contagion Revisited: Early Modern Maghribi Plague Treatises
Conclusion: Reframing Muslim and Christian Views on Contagion
Appendix A: Contagion in the Christian Exegetical Tradition
Appendix B: The Presence of Ash'arism in the Maghrib

Infectious Ideas
Contagion in Premodern Islamic and Christian Thought in the Western Mediterranean
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