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Table Of Contents


Part I. The Informal Politics of Executive-Legislative Relations
1. Accommodating Informal Institutions and Chilean Democracy
2. How Informal Electoral Institutions Shape the Brazilian Legislative Arena
3. Crafting Legislative Ghost Coalitions in Ecuador: Informal Institutions and Economic Reform in an Unlikely Case

Part II. Informal Institutions and Electoral Politics
4. Informal Institutions When Formal Contracting Is Prohibited: Campaign Finance in Brazil
5. The Difficult Road from Caudillismo to Democracy: The Impact of Clientelism in Honduras
6. Do Informal Rules Make Democracy Work? Accounting for Accountability in Argentina

Part III. Informal Institutions and Party Politics
7. The Birth and Transformation of the Dedazo in Mexico
8. Election Insurance and Coalition Survival: Formal and Informal Institutions in Chile
9. Informal Institutions and Party Organization in Latin America

Part IV. Informal Judicial Institutions and The Rule of Law
10. The Rule of (Non)Law: Prosecuting Police Killings in Brazil and Argentina
11. Mexico's Postelectoral Concertacasiones: The Rise and Demise of a Substitutive Informal Institution
12. Dispensing Justice at the Margins of Formality: The Informal Rule of Law in Latin America

Afterword: On Informal institutions, Once Again