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"Sprinkled with challenges to conventional wisdom, this book provides solid empirical documentation of sectoral change in U.S. metropolitan areas and makes an important contribution to the literature on the information economy."

"An excellent analysis of the rise and role of the information sector—composed of producer services and advanced consumer services—in regional economic development... I enjoyed this book a great deal and highly recommend it to both researchers and practitioners working in the area of urban and regional policy."

"An accessible examination of the rise and importance of the information sector in the United States... A welcome contribution to an important area of study, offering an interdisciplinary and evidence-based account of fundamental changes in the American economy."

"There is enormous interest in the dramatic changes that have occurred in the American economy over the last thirty years. A great deal has been written on the subject, much of it needlessly alarmist. This is the first book that systematically and comprehensively asks all the important questions. And it answers those questions lucidly and persuasively. I have known Drennan's work for a very long time. He has always been effective in communicating with the reader, but this is his best work to date."