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Table Of Contents

1. The Story of Inheritance: Intergenerational Giving in Aging America
Trands in Wealth Transfers
The Aging American Family
2. The Inheritance Revolution
The Origins of Our Inheritance Laws
Early America
Forging a New Path: Women and Inheritance Laws
Inheritance in Modern America
Family and Inheritance Changes
Decisions about Inheritance
3. The Political Realities of Retirement Security
Who Is Going to Care for Us?
The Political Economy of Giving and Receiving
The Legacy of the Modern Welfare State
The Dilemma
Employer Pension versus Personal Savings
Cross-National Research
4. Dimensions of Giving between Generations
The Joy of Giving
Theoretical Perspectives on Money: Good versus Evil?
Contemporary Studies of Money
Gifts as Assistance
Contextualizing Gift Giving
Simply Love
Fellowship for Funds
Giving, Not Receiving
The Family Life Cycle and Inheritance
5. Money Memories: Narratives of the Meaning of Giving and Receiving
History Lessons
The Silent Generation
Baby Boomers
Expanding Obligations Equal Shrinking Inheritances
Drawing Down Assets
Deciding Too Late or Not at All
Family Disagreements
Background on the Interviews
Early Beginnings of Family Dynamics and Money
Money as a Gift
Money with Strings Attached
How Money Matters
The Costs of Wealth
A Guarded Secret
The Value of Gifts
6. Contemporary Values and Beliefs regarding Intergenerational Transfers
It Isn't Just Money
Family Values and Ideologies
Leaving a Legacy
Transferring Assets
Inter Vivos Exchanges
Children Helping Parents
Choosing Inheritance
Challenges to Family Ideologies
To Give or Not to Give, That Is the Question
7. Leaving a Legacy: Personal Security, Family Obligations, and the State
The Effects of Public Policy on Family Gift Giving
How Estate Taxes Vary
Estate Taxes and Exemptions
Estate Planning for the Family
Private Long-term Care Insurance
Estate Recovery and Related Long-term Care Financing Issues
Inter Vivos Transfers and Inheritance
The Impact of Gift Giving on the Family: What Helps? What Hurts?
Myths and Realities of Making a Will
8. Inheritance and the Next Generation of Old-Age Policies
The New Status Quo
Sorting Out the Debate
Possible Scenarios
The Politics of Social Security Reform
The Face of the Future Workforce
Policy Options: Public, Private, and Combined
Health Care Insecurity
Implications and Conclusions
9. Summary and New Directions for Research
The Demography of Gift Giving in Late Life
Should Women Worry about Their Retirement?
Generational Differences: Money Memories and Family Ideology
An Agenda for Future Research
Appendix A: Methodology
Appendix B: Questions Used in Semistructured In-depth Interview

Inheritance in Contemporary America
The Social Dimensions of Giving across Generations
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