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"Offering an idiosyncratic new history of connected geology, archaeology, and the history of central and northern India, Inscriptions of Nature could only have been written by one scholar. Chakrabarti's valuable interpretation speaks directly to the current conversation on deep history engaging modern historians around the world. A pleasure to read."

"A terrific study of the interplay between the human imagination of deep time and the history of the geological sciences. Moving across northern and central India, the analysis shows how colonial empire in South Asia and sciences of antiquity and prehistory in Europe made each other in the last two hundred years."

"This is a marvelous study. The author guides the reader on a journey through prehistory and Vedic antiquity to the bedrock of Gondwanaland itself. This portal into deep time reveals the profound importance of the geological imagination and suggests its continued relevance in the turbulent present."

"Conceptually provocative, Inscriptions of Nature digs deep into the knowledge ecologies of colonial India, excavating the blended cultural landscapes of geology, anthropology, and history. In writing this fascinating history of the present, Chakrabarti thus opens to scrutiny the colonial bedrock of concepts of the Anthropocene."