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Table Of Contents

List of Figures, Maps, and Tables
Chapter One. The Resources for Naval War
Chapter Two. Paul Hamilton's Ordeal: The Onset of War, 1809–1812
Chapter Three. William Jones's Challenge: A Two-Front Naval War
Chapter Four. From Lake Erie to Lake Huron
Chapter Five. Sailors, Privateers, and Munitions
Chapter Six. The British Blockade of 1813–1814
Chapter Seven. Managing the Navy Department
Chapter Eight. Naval Innovation and Inventions
Chapter Nine. Chauncey's War on Lake Ontario
Chapter Ten. Macdonough's War on Lake Champlain
Chapter Eleven. In Defense of the Chesapeake Bay
Chapter Twelve. Hostilities in the Seaboard South
Chapter Thirteen. Sailors' Life and Work
Chapter Fourteen. War Finance and the Blockade
Chapter Fifteen. Renewal of the US Navy