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Table Of Contents

Introduction, by Beth L. Bailey
1. Terror, Anger, and Patriotism: Understanding the Resistance of Black Soldiers during World War II, by Douglas W. Bristol, Jr.
2. Nisei versus Nazi: Japanese American Soldiers in World War II
3. Does the Sex of the Practitioner Matter? Nursing, Civil Rights, and Discrimination in the Army Nurse Corps, 1947-1955
4. "An Attractive Career for Women": Opportunities, Limitations, and Women's Integration in the Cold War Mililtary
5. African Americans, Civil Rights, and the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War
6. Reform in Ranks: The History of the Defense Race Relations Institute, 1971-2014
7. Men's and Women's Liberation: Challenging Military Culture after the Vietnam War
8. Mobilizing Marriage and Motherhood: Military Families and Family Planning Since World War II
9. The Dream That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Legacies of the Civil Rights Movement and the Fight for Gay Military Service