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"Known to psychiatrists, neurologists, and medical historians as the neuropsychiatrists’ neuropsychiatrist, Michael Trimble has written a tour de force: an assessment of the ‘culture’ of mind–brain relations beginning with the ancients and ending in the present, and highlighting the romantic era of the nineteenth century as a crucial turning point. There is nothing else like it."

"Accessible and enjoyable. This book's breadth of vision will appeal to a wide audience."

"Dr. Trimble has made a tremendous contribution to the history of neuropsychiatry from the ancient Greeks to the present day. The Intentional Brain is sure to be well received by readers in the mental health sciences and professions and by those with an interest in medical history."

"This is Trimble at his best. Some might describe the attempt as overly ambitious, but Trimble brings together a detailed understanding of the history of western thought and weaves into that our conceptions and understanding of neuroscience and neuropsychiatry. This is a delightful read, with interesting vignettes and astute understanding."

"It reminded me exactly why I love psychiatry, for its complex history and ongoing scientific mystery. If you are feeling in need of a reminder of how far we have come, Trimble may provide just that inspiration."

"This survey is strongest once it has gathered momentum, especially in the romantic period. The briefer, early chapters, dealing with pre-enlightenment thinking, feel dutiful at times, while those that follow are written with great enthusiasm."