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Table Of Contents

Part I - The Challenge
Agricultural Development Ideas in Historical Perspective
John M. Staatz and Carl K. Eicher
Agricultural and Foods Needs to 2025
Alex F. McCalla
Foreign Aid and Agriculture-Led Development
John W. Mellor
Part II - Historical and Theoretical Perspectives
Economic Performance through Time
Douglass C. North
Community, Market, and State
Yujiro Hayami
Markets, Market Failures, and Development
Joseph E. Stiglitz
The Agricultural Transformation
C. Peter Timmer
Agriculture on the Road to Industrialization
John W. Mellor
Models of Agricultural Development
Vernon W. Ruttan
Induced Innovation Model of Agricultural Development
Vernon W. Ruttan and Yujiro Hayami
Part III - Policy Perspectives
The Macroeconomics of Food and Agriculture
C. Peter Timmer
The Case for Trade Liberalization
Rudiger Dornbusch
The Plundering of Agriculture in Developing Countries
Maurice Schiff and Alberto Valdés
The Political Framework for Agricultural Policy Decisions
Robert H. Bates
Food, Economics, and Entitlements
Anartya Sen
Part IV - Agricultural Transformation and Rural Economic Development
Learning from Experience
Agricultural Development: Transforming Human Capital, Technology, and Institutions
James T. Bonnen
Agricultural and Rural Development: Painful Lessons
Hans P. Binswanger
The Peasant in Economic Modernization
Yujiro Hayami
Institutional and Human Capital
Reflections on Land Reform and Farm Size
Hans P. Binswanger and Miranda Elgin
Investing in People
Theodore W. Schultz
Projects for Women: Explaining Their Misbehavior
Mayra Buvini
Agricultural Extension in the Twenty-first Century
Charles H. Antholt
How Do Market Failures Justify Interventions in Rural Credit Markets?
Timothy J. Besley
Microfinance: The Paradigm Shift form Credit Delivery to Sustainable Financial Intermediation
Marguerite S. Robinson
Micro and Small Enterprises and the Rural Poor
Carl Liedholm
Technology Development and Sustainability
Constraints on the Design of Sustainable Systems of Agricultural Production
Vernon W. Ruttan
African Agriculture: Productivity and Sustainability Issues
Thomas Reardon
Maintaining Productivity Gains in Post- Green Revolution Asian Agriculture
Michael Morris and Derek Byerlee
Confronting the Ecological Consequences of the Rice Green Revolution in Tropical Asia
Prabhu L. Pingali
Choice of Technique in Rice Milling on Java
C. Peter Timmer, with a comment by William L. Collier, Jusuf Colter, Sinarhadi, and Robert d'A. Shaw and a reply by C. Peter Timmer
Past V - Lessons from Economies in Transition
Agricultural Development and Reform in China
Justin Yifu Lin
The Role of Agriculture in Indonesia's Development
C. Peter Timmer
Zimbabwe's Maize Revoluion: Insights for Closing Africa's Food Gap.
Carl K. Eicher and Bernard Kupfuma
Path-dependent Policy Reforms: From Land Reform to Rural Development in Columbia
Alain de Janvry and Elizabeth Sadoulet
Agricultrual Reform in Central and Eastern Europe
Johan F.M. Swinnen
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