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Introduction to Differential Equations Using Sage

'Introduction to Differential Equations Using Sage' cover image

Introduction to Differential Equations Using Sage

Differential equations can be taught using Sage as an inventive new approach.

David Joyner and Marshall Hampton's lucid textbook explains differential equations using the free and open-source mathematical software Sage.

Since its release in 2005, Sage has acquired a substantial following among mathematicians, but its first user was Joyner, who is credited with helping famed mathematician William Stein turn the program into a usable and popular choice.

Introduction to Differential Equations Using Sage extends Stein's work by creating a classroom tool that allows both differential equations and Sage to be taught concurrently. It's a creative and forward-thinking approach to math instruction.

Topics include:

• First-Order Differential Equations
• Incorporation of Newtonian Mechanics
• Second-Order Differential Equations
• The Annihilator Method
• Using Linear Algebra with Differential Equations
• Nonlinear Systems
• Partial Differential Equations
• Romeo and Juliet