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Table Of Contents

List of Figures, Maps, and Tables
Foreword, by Peter C. Erb
Introduction: Issues in Defining and Describing the Pietist Movement
Part I: The Setting and Inspiration for German Pietism
1. German Radicalism and Orthodox Lutheran Reform
2. The Thirty Years War, Seventeenth-Century Calvinism, and Reformed Pietism
Part II: A Tale of Three Cities
3. Beginnings of Lutheran Pietism in Frankfurt,1670 to 1684
4. Conventicles and Conflicts in Leipzig andthe Second Wave, 1684 to 1694
5. Halle Pietism and Universal Social Reform,1695 to 1727
Part III: The Social and Cultural Worlds of German Pietism
6. Radical German Pietism in Europe and North America
7. Pietism and Gender
8. Pietism and the Bible
9. Pietism, World Christianity, and Missions to South India and Labrador
Part IV: Pietism and Modernity
10. The Contribution of German Pietism to the Modern World
Conclusion: Reflecting on the Cultural and Religious Legacy of German Pietism
A. Sources in Translation
B. Translation of Georg Heinrich Neubauer's "183 Questions" (1697)
C. Discussion Questions
D. Student Members of the Leipzig Circle of Pietists in the Late 1680s
Bibliographies and Further Reading
Index of Persons and Places

An Introduction to German Pietism
Protestant Renewal at the Dawn of Modern Europe
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