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Table Of Contents

1. The Affordable Care Act and the Politics of Health Care Reform
2. Health, Health Care, and the Market Economy
3. Health Care as a Reflection of Underlying Cultural Values and Institutions
4. The Health Professions and the Organization of Health Care
5. Health Insurance, HMOs, and the Managed Care Revolution
6. Medicare
7. Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program
8. The Uninsured
9. The Increasing Role of For-Profit Health Care
10. Pharmaceutical Policy and the Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs
11. Long-Term Care
12. Factors Other Than Health Insurance That Impede Access to Health Care
13. Key Policy Issues Impacting Direction of Health Care Reform
14. Epilogue/Prologue to Health Care Reform in America

Appendix: Summary of the Changes Contained in the Affordable Care Act
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