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Table Of Contents

Prologue: Technolocy as Progress?
1. "Economy of a Madhouse": Entering the Depression-Era Debate over Technological Unemployment
2. "Finding Jobs Faster Than Invention Can Take Them Away": Government's Role in the Technological Unemployment Debate
3. "No Power on Earth Can Stop Improved Machinery": Labor's Concern about Displacement
4. "Machinery Don't Eat": Displacement as a theme in Depression Culture
5. "The Machine Has Been Libeled": The Business Community's Defense
6. "Innocence or Guilt of Science": Scientists and Engineers Mobilize to Justify Mechanization
7. "What Will the Smug Machine Age Do?": Envisioning Past, Present, and Future as America moves from Depression to War
8. "Automation Just Killed Us": The Displacement Question in Postwar America
Epilogue: Revisiting the Technological Unemployment Debate
Essay on Sources