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"Each chapter's opening vignette, taken from real-life events, helps anchor this handbook in a timely way. Griffin’s legal analysis of complex cases is spot-on, and will assist the non-lawyer reader immensely. This book should be given out at conference workshops and made required reading for student affairs administrators new to higher education."

"Investigating College Student Misconduct is a thoughtful, well-organized, highly informative, and very timely text which will prove useful to both senior university administrators and boards of directors. The book is a primer on how to properly plan, conduct, report, and act upon investigations regarding college student misconduct. Griffin has made a significant contribution to academe."

"Oren Griffin provides an excellent blueprint that higher education professionals can use to effectively handle situations involving alleged student misconduct. This book is a must read for any campus administrator who values the importance of getting an investigation right the first time around."

"Oren R. Griffin, through his rich understanding of higher education, and with the informed practicality of an experienced scholar and practitioner, provides an exceptional framework to improve the function of investigations. This guide will help investigators enhance prevention, process, and restoration to minimize recurrence of risk and harm. Well done!"

"In the contemporary academy, students must be held accountable for their actions, but must also receive due process. The first step in due process is an independent objective investigation of the allegations. Unfortunately, many colleges and universities lack the knowledge and experience to perform such investigations. Oren Griffin's new book fills that gap. It is a comprehensive guide containing the legal and policy rationales for each aspect of the investigation as well as practical tips."

"Looks at the investigation culture in academe, and explains the key concepts and processes involved in making sound and fair inquiries into student misconduct."