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"A masterful biography."

"An important and impressively documented contribution to the history of nineteenth-century mathematics."

"A thoroughly enjoyable read."

"This is an exceptional example of scholarly research."

"Parshall has already established herself as a leading expert on Sylvester and his milieu, carefully reconstructing the trajectory of Sylvester's professional life on the basis of copious documentary evidence, describing Sylvester's more important mathematical results in his career context, and writing for broad audiences with no detailed mathematical exposition or technical analysis of Sylvester's mathematics... Highly recommended."

"A well-written and thorough account of its subject... a wealth of useful and well-researched information that is difficult to find elsewhere."

"This well-written, thoroughly researched biography will become the definitive study of Sylvester."

"Working from an impressive knowledge of relevant archival sources, Parshall has written a tale so engaging that I did not want to put it down. As the story both of the man in his times and the mathematician with his work, it is a fascinating read for those interested in the Victorian era, the history and development of academic disciplines, and the history of mathematics."