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Table Of Contents

Part I: Understanding Diabetes
1. The Diagnosis of Diabetes: Making It and Hearing It
2. Types of Diabetes
Part II: Controlling Diabetes
3. Goals of Treatment and How to Reach Them
4. Blood Glucose Monitoring
5. Hypoglycemia
6. Introduction to Nutrition Therapy: Planning and Understanding the Diet
7. Weight Control: Why It Matters and How to Do It
8. Special Considerations in Nutrition Therapy
9. Exercise and Diabetes
10. Treating Type 2 Diabetes with Non-insulin Medications
11. Treating Diabetes with Insulin
12. Types of Insulin
13. Insulin Pumps
Part III: Living with Diabetes
14. The Emotional Side of Diabetes
15. Lessons for Families Who Live with Diabetes
16. Dealing with Psychological Problems
17. Interacting with Health Care Professionals
18. Interacting with the Health Care System
19. Employment and Diabetes
Part IV: Complications
20. Systemic Symptoms
21. Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Hyperosmolar Coma
22. Hardening of the Arteries
23. Diabetic Eye Disease
24. Diabetic Kidney Disease
25. Diabetic Neuropathy
26. Diabetes and the Foot
27. Diabetes and the Skin
Part V: Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Genetics
28. Diabetes and Sexuality
29. Diabetes and Pregnancy
30. The Genetics of Diabetes
Part VI: The Future of Care
31. Diabetes Research
32. The Prognosis

The Johns Hopkins Guide to Diabetes
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