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"There is nothing else in the crisis intervention/psychological first aid field that offers such content. Well written and easy to understand, this important, unique, and innovative book will be a huge contribution to the discipline."

"The techniques taught in this book belong in disaster preparedness kits alongside water, food, batteries, and a flashlight. Using this guide, citizens can become crisis interventionists, fostering individual resilience during disasters when professional help can be hours or days away."

"This guide is appropriate for all psychology students and others in the mental health fields; teachers, police officers, and firefighters will also find it helpful. Recomended."


"The book uses worked examples to engage the reader and help bring the [RAPID response] model to life in real situations."

"In their two part, nine-chapter book—aimed at the medical community and general public alike— Everly and Lating present an exhaustively sourced yet crisply written analysis of RAPID PFA and its successful application, including sample exchanges between a provider and a distressed individual to demonstrate how the process is done."