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"This is a fine resource for individuals teaching or practicing in the fields of international health, public health, health policy, or medical education, as well as individuals in social work and education. The authors’ informative treatise introduces practitioners, educators, and policy makers to the fundamentals of promoting community-centered and cost-effective social change. Recommended."

"Just and Lasting Change is a valuable resource for anyone interested in international health, underdevelopment, and community empowerment."

"A 'must-read' for those seeking to carry out or to understand true change in health equity and health improvement. Just and Lasting Change makes a unique contribution to the field by detailing how a continuous empowerment process of skill and will can realize the potential for cumulative growth in development programs."

"This book is both a description and a prescription: a description of some such communities, and the process through which they achieved enviable health levels, as well as a prescription for other societies to follow suit... This is the one book I would unhesitatingly recommend to anyone interested in underdevelopment and health."

"This book describes in detail a concept of community development that is not only exciting but eminently practical and capable of achieving positive results. The SEED-SCALE model for international development presented in Just and Lasting Change is based on the need for local consensus and cooperation, recognizing that when community residents, government officials, and outside experts work together, they can create the proper environment for sustainable development. Applicable to any community where growth has been lagging, whether in the developing or the developed world, SEED-SCALE has been repeatedly tested and proven successful. In spelling out so succinctly the manner in which community development can be stimulated through the SEED-SCALE concept, this book makes a valuable contribution to the literature on sustainable development."