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Table Of Contents

Glossary: The SEED-SCALE Process
Part I: The Claim: A Just and Lasting Future Is Possible
Chapter 1. Getting Started
Chapter 2. Our Maturing Understanding of Community Change
Chapter 3. Making a Large and Lasting Impact
Chapter 4. Synopsis of SEED-SCALE
Chapter 5. Assuring Accountability through Better Paperwork
Chapter 6. A Crisis Can Become an Opportunity
Part II: Historical Demonstrations
Chapter 7. The World's First Example of Intentional, Community-Based Development: Ding Xian, China
Chapter 8. Abraham Lincoln: Setting America's Modernization in Motion
Chapter 9. An Evolving Balance between People and Nature: The Adirondacks, New York
Chapter 10. Development without Wealth: Kerala, India
Part III: Evidence from the Community Level
Chapter 11. A Better Pattern for Cities: Curitiba, Brazil
Chapter 12. The Role of Conceptual and Cultural Breakthroughs: Narangwal, India
Chapter 13. Out of the Shadows: Women in Afghanistan
Chapter 14. Evolution of a World Training Center: Jamkhed, India
Chapter 15. Addiction as a Barrier to Development: Gadchiroli, India
Chapter 16. The Green Bay Packers: Community-Owned Energy
Part IV: Large-Scale Applications
Chapter 17. Scaling Up Tobacco Control: Creating Authority by International Convention
Chapter 18. Urban Agriculture: A Powerful Engine for Sustainable Cities
Chapter 19. Communities and Government Learning to Work Together: CLAS in Peru
Chapter 20. Integrating Conservation with Development: Tibet, China
Chapter 21. Going to Scale with Health Care: China's Model Counties
Chapter 22. A University's Actions in Apartheid South Africa
Chapter 23. A Promising Start Derailed: Kakamega, Kenya
Conclusion: Patterns to Own Our Futures
Appendix A. A Handbook on SEED: Initiating Growth
Appendix B. A Handbook on SCALE: Growth in Improvement and Participation
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