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Table Of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements
Introduction: Antonin Scalia and the New American Conservatism
Chapter 1. From Professor to Pundit
Chapter 2. Rewiring the D.C. Circuit
Chapter 3. Scalia and the Conservatism of the Reagan Administration
Chapter 4. Presidential Leadership and the Separation of Powers
Chapter 5. The Trick of Harnessing Federal Power
Chapter 6. Equality Through the Panacea of Neutral Law
Chapter 7. Ordering the Chaos of Expression
Chapter 8. Crime and the Power of the State
Chapter 9. Protecting Bodies and Property
Chapter 10. The Rule of Law and the Limits of the Conservative Revival
Chapter 11. The Artifice of Scalia's Political Message
Bibliography of the Publications of Antonin Scalia to 1 November 1995